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Welcome to Biblical Bards!

Music is the pulse of all life throughout the universe. Bard: A community resource person who provides history, healing, and music. Biblical Bards are people who have made a commitment to producing music in harmony with the will of our Creator, as expressed in the Bible. Mostly this is a form of community service.
Here are the current site options:

Tesla Academy Online Store -- a standard, secure ecommerce site providing selected Michael Riversong publications and albums in a convenient format.

Complete Music Catalog including all currently available albums, access to Charity albums, and FREE MP3s

Biblical Bards Musical Vision Background of this work.  Includes articles, free downloadable MP3s, and educational links. (This is our old home page.)

Articles by Michael Riversong on music. Includes key technical concepts and more general-interest items.

Publications Catalog Books, DVDs, special sets, pamphlets, etc.

Tesla Academy Since 1984, Michael Riversong has been supporting communities of inventors and scientists as a professional Bard. This has evolved into its own organization, Tesla Academy, which is devoted to teaching the basics of Nikola Tesla's research in all its forms. Scientific web site.

Cheyenne Logos Series writings on education.

Environmental Consulting including articles and access to services

Scientific and More Teaching the oldest part of this web site complex, dating back to 1997 -- chaotic with lots of information including articles and access to consulting services

Biblical Bards is currently under revision, so please bookmark this page and return often to see new articles, pictures, and possibly more free MP3s to download.

If you are a Yahoo Groups user, several free announcement lists are available for you.  Email  directly to get subscribed.  One list is for local Southeast Wyoming announcements, meaning most of its members reside in Cheyenne or Laramie. 

The International list is set up for people outside this region, and produces occasional bulletins about upcoming releases, tours, and ongoing projects. 

Announcement lists for Northern Colorado and the Denver area are available for your convenience. is your opportunity to discuss any aspect of the work with others who share this interest.  It is a virtual, open "Board of Directors". is an open discussion list for anyone connected with Upstate New York or the Philadelphia area, where actions related to organizing advanced research facilities are happening.

Original Photos at Michael Riversong's Photo GalleryA few performance portraits, many original photos of inventions, and a Feng Shui section.

About Michael Riversong:
Reviving and improving on the ancient Bardic tradition has been the main focus for Michael Riversong since 1982. At that time, he made a commitment to do all of his music in the service of our Creator. He has performed throughout much of North America and Europe. In 1987, he added Celtic Harp to his work. Since then most performances have been on that instrument. He has released over 30 albums of original music, some of which are available through this site. At this time, he is primarily devoted to community service, supplying music for hospitals, churches, homeless shelters, schools, and public events.

Michael Riversong