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Michael Riversong has released several albums of his original music on Celtic Harp and other instruments.  At this site, you can find a catalog, along with many pages of documentation.  Writings on technical ways to use music for healing, scientific explorations, and environmental health are included.

Dr. Victoria Gardner Composer and singer; Beautiful songs in several genres that have special healing qualities. She performs for conferences, weddings, parties, and oter events in Northern Colorado.

Jill Mattson has written an excellent book on healing with music, Ancient Sounds - Modern Healing and also produced albums of some of the most beautiful, exquisite music available on this planet! She is also an accomplished visual artist, so her Gallery is definitely worth seeing. 

Educational Resources

First Fruits of Zion provides extensive resources on Hebraic Christianity.  Primary among these resources is Torah Club, which is a set of deeply researched commentaries on the first five books of Scripture, in five volumes.

End Times Scrolls Delivered independent writings on Logic and how to interpret signs of our times in a scriptural context.

Am Ha Sefer -- People of the Book is a collection of Scripture study notes on the Torah from lectures given to a small group.

The Celtic Homeschool Site Introduces us to a new way of thinking about education. Visit and see what we mean.

Scriptural Astronomy provides Applied Scriptural Astromomy resources and insights.  It is not "Conventional Astronomy" or "Astrology" so check it out!

Design EcologyWays to use several ancient and modern disciplines to make your living environment more healthy and survive better.

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